The Nester

Welcome to Urban Eco Nest!

p1030903 Hi there, my name is Adrienne Clements and thanks for visiting Urban Eco Nest!  I reside in Austin, Texas and am an avid earth lover who enjoys Co-ops, baking, cooking, crafts, bicycle adventures, traveling, and anything outdoors.  I majored in environmental studies and am known among my friends and family as a know-it-all Eco Nerd.

I strive to live a sustainable lifestyle and to educate others on the small changes each of us can do to make a BIG difference.  The way I think about environmentalism is that is is like an IRA but better, because you make the investment now but everyone reaps the benefit later!

Outside of the blog I spread my green living knowledge to my awesome high school students as an Environmental Science teacher. Through my classes I strive to have my students focus on the SOLUTION not the problem, and how we can use design to create those solutions.  Innovation is the key, and good design solutions are the doors to amazing change! Community is a huge component of sustainability, and I love having a job that fosters both community and environmental responsibility.

I would love to hear any input you may have on small scale sustainabiliy, so feel free to comment!  Thanks and welcome to the Nest.

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