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Got $425? You can Buy the Earth!

At least in the game EarthOpoly you can!  This new twist on the classic real estate mogul board game takes green education to a whole new level!  I recently received this game as a surprise gift from my Dad, and I have to say I love it!  I always felt bad playing the real Monopoly.  I have to say constantly spreading development throughout imaginary world and gentrifying the neighborhoods from Mediterranean Avenue all the way down to Connecticut made me feel a little bit guilty.  Guess I could never be a developer! Haha!  Well if you are like me then you can play this classic game guilt free!

EarthOpoly by Late for the Sky Games is a game that is truly earth friendly.  The classic properties of Park Place and Board Walk have been traded up for the likes of Mother Earth and Sparkling Blue Sky!  You can even purchase the Awesome Oceans and Majestic Mountains!  To top it off on the back of each property card is interesting facts about that type of ecosystem and a green living tip!  Instead of upgrading to houses and hotels when you buy all the properties in a color group you can buy Carbon Credits!  Once you have enough carbon credits you can then upgrade to CLEAN AIR!  If only it was so easy in the real world!  Instead of electricity and water you can buy wind and solar power!  Railroads have been replaced by some different R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rethink.  Yep, and instead of Jail…you go to the Dump!

The game is also printed with soy based inks, is wrapped in biodegradable plastic wrap, and all games pieces were either made by nature or are completely recyclable!  This game is truly great for all ages.  So learn some new facts, spread the environmental wisdom and have fun while you are at it!

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