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Start the Revolution with a Green Resolution!

Well the holiday hump is over and now we head on into a new year!  So it is that time again to make the annual statement of change for our lives…the New Year’s Resolution.  When mulling over the same things you promise yourself every year why not think about making your resolution a little greener?  For some inspiration Urban ECO Nest has given some of the most common New Year’s resolutions a greener twist:

Top 4 Greener Resolutions

1.  To Lose Weight: This is probably the number one resolution that is made every year.  Well, a great way to become healthier and lose some weight along the way is to eat more locally grown produce!  By eating more locally grown foods not only will you feel healthier, but you will be supporting your local economy and reducing your carbon footprint!  Check out Local Harvest, a comprehensive list of farmer’s markets, to find a market near you!  Another important aspect in a healthy lifestyle is exercise!  Engage in the beautiful environment around you by taking a hike, playing frisbee, or engaging in some yoga to center your body and mind!

2. To read more books:There is nothing like digging into new read to start the year off right!  Nothing is more inspiring to me than a good Eco Read.  Check out these great green minded books for inspiration and great new knowledge to share!  Also, purchasing books can be very expensive and not to mention the fact that they use a lot of paper.  So this year make a resolution to use your local Library!  The books are free, they usually have movies to rent, and you will get to be engaged with a vital aspect of your community.

3. Volunteer More: We all are guilty of saying that if we only had more time we would volunteer. Well, making green choices is just one step in the path to creating a sustainable planet, to be truly sustainable we must create a community.  Many great non profits out there can not survive without the help of volunteers.  So this year get involved in your community and vow to make some time for an organization you believe in.  They say volunteering leads to a happier mood and a greater sense of purpose which in turn can lead to a longer life!  Check out Volunteer Match to find the perfect volunteer opportunity for you!

4. Get Organized: It is time to clear off that clutter that has accumulated over the year and learn how to reduce and reuse the stuff we have!  Too often when we take on a organizing project we buy more stuff to help us get organized which leads to more waste and more money spent.  To learn how to organize your life and to find creative ways to use what was deemed as” old junk” to your organizational benefit check out Real Simple.  These folks are the experts of the organizing world and have some great ideas for organizing everything you could imagine!

So get out there and make your world a greener place!  Happy New Year!

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