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Renew your home’s spirit with Green Spring Cleaning!

Spring, the season of renewal and rebirth, is in full gear!  Flowers are blooming, butterflies are emerging, and love is in the air! Nature is truly looking it’s best and beckoning us to come play.  However, the grime and dust that has built up since the winter months is staring us directly in the face at home. Dust bunnies of guilt!  To get out and truly enjoy the beautiful spring weather bring some renewal and rejuvenation to your home by conducting a green spring cleaning!  With a clean and organized home you can truly enjoy the season by starting fresh and green clean. By going green with your cleaning you can save money, improve your indoor air quality and thereby improve your health, and help to protect the environment:

The Green Cleaning Triumvirate: with these 3 natural cleaners all your household needs will be covered for a very low cost!

1) Baking Soda: an all around wonder cleaner and deodorizer that can be used for a multitude of home tasks from cleaning carpet to removing stains on almost anything! It can be used to clean in the kitchen, bathroom, and all around the house.  Plus, baking soda is super cheap and never spoils! So get yourself a box of this magic stuff. Check out some great uses for cleaning with baking soda here.

2) Borax: a natural mineral based cleaner that can be used in a variety of ways around the home. Borax can be used as an abrasive for cleaning surfaces and grout, boosting laundry cleaning, to deter bugs and pests in the home (including fleas!) , and more. Check out some uses for borax here.

3) Vinegar: White distilled vinegar can be used for numerous household tasks from cleaning chrome fixtures, to getting rid of pests, disinfecting, removing lime deposits, cleaning out coffeemakers, and more!  Check out all the great uses of vinegar here.

To continue your spring cleaning journey here are some great ideas to clean and de-clutter your home the green way!

1) Clean your pipes! After a long winter your home’s pipes may need a bit of a cleaning.  To de-clog drains and pipes and to give them their seasonal cleanse use this eco-friendly recipe: Pour 1 cup of baking soda down drain followed by 1 cup of hot vinegar.  Wait 5 minutes then pour 2 quarts of hot water down drain.  To declog your disposal use the same recipe but half the amounts.

2) Get rid of old and unwanted clothes by hosting a clothing swap with friends!  A clothing swap is a great way to hang with friends, get rid of that bag of clothes you have been meaning to donate, and get some hip “new” threads for yourself.  You will feel renewed with your new recycled look :).

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It’s a Picnic with Natural Pest Control!

The infestation has begun! At least of ants in my kitchen anyways. While I am fairly clean and utilize my eco friendly cleaning products to clean on a regular basis, ants have found their way into my kitchen. I don’t mind bugs, but I just do not want them in my house! In pondering about how to deal with this situation I went through the possible standard options: expensive toxic chemical sprays or living with ants. Neither of these sounded good to me so I started researching ways to deal with these indoor pests naturally.

First, the best way to prevent pests is to keep your space clean. However, if you have pests just cleaning won’t necessarily make them go away. I found a great article from doityourself.com ( doityourself Natural Pest Control ) that describes natural ways of dealing with indoor pests. According to this article, the best ways to deal with ants naturally are…

1) Vinegar, the ultimate multi-tasker! You use it in salad dressings and to clean your house, now use it to get rid of ants! Clean all countertops, floors, and cabinets with equal parts of vinegar & water to deter ants.

2) Bone Meal or Charcoal Powder. According to the doityourself article ants will not cross a line of bone meal, coarsely ground bones used as an organic fertilizer, or lines of charcoal powder. Bone meal can be purchased at a variety of places from your local pharmacy or health store to a garden center. Charcoal powder can also be purchased from a pharmacy or health store.

3) The power of citrus! Lemon can help cure your ant woes. If you know where the ants are coming from and have found their entrance to your home squirt some lemon juice into the crack or hole and then slice pieces of the lemon peel and put in around the entrance.

The article also suggests using Borax which is not “acutely toxic”, but really doesn’t make me feel that great about it because it can still be toxic if ingested in large amounts. So if you choose to use borax make sure to keep it out of reach of children and pets.

This article also offers tips on how to get rid of roaches, moths, mosquitoes, flies and fleas. Check it out and preserve the indoor air quality of your home by trying a natural form of pest control!


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