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Deck the Halls with Green Gift Wrap!

You picked out your perfect green minded holiday gift, and brought it home from the store in your eco-chic reusable bag and now it’s ready to be wrapped up in…what?  Anybody who has been in charge of picking up the gift wrap after the nieces and nephews have shredded their gifts open knows that gift wrap can create a whole mess of waste!  Well when wrapping up your gifts this year think about going green!   Your gifts will look fabulous, and by reusing you will save some wallet green too!

Reusable Gift Bags

The gift wrapping that keeps on giving!  There are some great companies out there that create fabulous reusable gift bags for all occasions.  When you give one to someone as their gift wrap they can then pass it on to their next gift receiver!  These are perfect for families for the holidays because you can keep them for every year saving bukoos in cash and in trash!

Check out these fun bags by Lucky Crow.

Paper Bag= Wrapping Paper

The tried and true paper bag has so many uses, including wrapping papper!  Create personalized gift wrapping by using crayons, markers, stencils, stamps, and some fun reusable ribbon!  This is super fun for kids, as well as adults:), to get to help decorate the wrapping too!

How to create paper bag wrapping paper.

Recycled Wrapping Paper

Recycled wrapping paper is not just rustic scenes and animal prints any more!  Step up to chic, beautiful, and fun recycled wrapping!  The gift wrap designs from Fish Lips Paper Designs are made from 100% recycled paper and are printed with soy based inks!  Green gift wrap just went glam!

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