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Make Every Month Bike Month!

May is national bike month here in the good ole USA, and while May is coming to an end that doesn’t mean bike month has to be over on the 31st! To find some inspiration to make everyday a bicycling adventure check out these great pedal power promoting sites:

Common Circle Expeditions: a great organization that promotes sustainable living through educational bicycle tours.  These are vacations you can truly feel good about with field trips to green building and permaculture sites throughout the northwest and Hawaii. Bike. Learn. Experience. Spread the Change. :).

Ride the City: A fantastic website that is the Google maps for bikes. Put in your start and ending location and it will calculate the safest or most direct routes for you to travel via two wheels. This would be great for an iPhone app! This site is still in the works, but currently has listings for New York and coming soon for Chicago and Austin.

PedalBug: a  great tumblr blog dedicated to photo documentation of bicycle adventures. Check it out and be inspired to start your own adventures.

World Commute: “World Commute is a not-for-profit, free social-network website to encourage, promote and track the use of non-motorized transportation around the world”. This includes bikes! Use this website to track your pedal power usage and see the difference you are making in numbers. Great information on bicycle commuting and another great way to connect with other bike commuters.

Bike Commuter Tips: Blog featuring great tips, tricks, and insight on bicycle commuting.

Austin’s Yellow Bike Project: great Austin based non-profit “dedicated to providing human-powered transportation for the people of Austin, running a community bike shop, and educating kids and adults”.  Check here to find a similar program in your town.  Don’t have a program like this in your city? Check out the link below and start your own!

International Bicycle Fund: Check out how to start a community bike program ranging from a community bike library to full decentralized on-demand bicycle rentals stations like this.

Critical Mass: Critical Mass is a montly ride dedicated to celebrating and promoting cycling, and to assert car drivers to cyclists right to the road. So find the local Critical Mass in your area and promote two wheel transportation while making new biking buddies. Power in pedaling numbers!

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