Get your Precycle On!

Well we already know about the importance of recycling, but what is this about PREcycling?  Precycling falls into the Reduce part of the old mantra: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.  Precycling is the practice of selecting products and consumables that utilize the least amount of packaging.  Much like the adage of “think before you speak”, this reinforces “think before you buy”.

An easy way to light the fire to your precycling mindset is to check out the bulk foods section of your local grocery store, health store or food co-op!  Not only does buying food in bulk reduce a tremendous amount of packaging waste, but it ends up saving money too.  At many stores you can also purchase soaps, detergents, shampoos, conditioners, lotions, and other personal products in bulk therefore reducing the amount of waste that stems from personal care products.  To find a local food co-op in your area that has bulk items check out Green America’s (formerly known as Co-Op America) Green Pages.

Many companies are now jumping on the green gravy train and precycling by reducing the amount of packaging in their products; not to mention saving tons of moola while also boasting their environmental responsibility to consumers.  While I am not a fan of Walmart, their move to demand their suppliers reduce packaging on their products has prompted many other retailers and companies to do the same.  More and more companies are starting to value the triple bottom line, but consumers must demand it for real change to occur.  Demand change with the power of your purchase and get in that precycle mindset!


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